Monitoring & Software

Software: integrated instruments

STM does not merely provide grinding and selection mills, but also an integrated series of instruments and controls for the mechanical system.

The interface between the plant and these instruments is managed via a control and monitoring panel using specially designed software which gives numerous options for use, all with operational safety in mind.

The technical parameters for production, either of the material to be processed or the desired results, are set on the control panel, and we can provide all the hardware and software devices and applications necessary for a trouble-free immediate start-up, with operational data and programmed cycles.


Managed parameters

Parameters managed by the software include:

Hourly production rate Alarms for maintenance
Speed and variation of motor rotation Operator communication with help desk
In-process laser checking of particle size Guided procedures for machine assembly
Monitoring of air flow and loss of machine load Online plant layout and regulation
Monitoring of operational pressure and temperature Real-time display of machine data
Consumption of liquid / gaseous nitrogen Graphic display of operational trends
Energy use of motors Complete PLC management of operational cycles
PID feedback on oxygen and nitrogen gas use Wizard" tutorial for inputting data and objectives
PID regulation of liquid nitrogen flow System settings can be customized
PID regulation of hourly production rate Free manual use of motors and tools
PID regulation of particle size Data sent to control room / laboratory
Accelerometer for monitoring bearings




Fast connections, data communication and alarms

Connections normally installed on the machine / electronic control panel are:

  • XC1 - External analogue signal connector 4 ÷ 20 mA
  • XC2 - Hardware connector to control room or laboratory
  • XC3 - Connector for system devices not directly controlled by the STM control panel
  • K1 - Digital connection, signal from PLC, PROFIBUS communication
  • K2 - Antenna for Ethernet connection (on request)