Laboratory Analysis


STM is equipped with a complete laboratory where every kind of test and analysis relating to grinding and classifying can be carried out.

By exact simulations of the performance of machines installed at clients' premises, productivity can be optimized in terms of technology and economics.



Granulation analysis services

Granulation analysis services provided by STM include:

  • Granulation analysis of products on behalf of third parties
  • Granulation analysis for start-up installations at clients' premises
  • Granulation analysis in the production line, with analyzer fitted on the tube system
  • Support and monitoring of SOP (standard operative procedures)
  • Micronized Particle Characterization

Particle characterization of products is carried out by STM in the clients' premises for physical analysis, and in collaboration with specialized laboratories for chemical, micrographic and morphological analysis.

For a complete and effective package of services, the processing of materials must be undertaken by experts in their field, and this is why we collaborate with the best chemical laboratories, which are equipped with highly specialized instruments specific to the particular application or requirement of the client.


External Analysis

The following analyses can be carried out by external collaborators and specialized laboratories:

  • SEM scanning electron microscope
  • XRF X-ray fluorescence
  • XRD X-ray diffraction spectrometer
  • GCMS gas chromatography systems
  • ICP systems for metal analysis
  • TGA thermogravimetric analysis
  • DSC differential scanning calorimetry
  • Pycnometer density analysis
  • BET surface area analysis
  • DLS nanoparticle size analysis