Installation / Maintenance / Training


STM's operational model brings a significant change in the field of milling and selection: this is not a system assembled and installed by the client, with the corresponding economic and organizational expenditure, but a plant installed by STM, tested and ready for use, complete with all mechanical and monitoring components.

The client just needs to connect the machine to the power supply and add the product to be milled.


Ease of maintenance

STM grinding machines and plants are designed to be positioned and installed with a simple adjustment of attachment measurements and space requirements.

Our grinding and selection machines do not need to be fixed to the floor, as their perfect balance and vibration control system guarantee perfect operational stability.



Programmed Maintenance and Tele-Assistance

STM provides a complete after-sales service, including:

  • Ordinary or programmed maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Parts service

An efficient milling system allows the micronization of products, always resulting in perfect compliance to specified criteria and thus ensuring an optimum dose/yield ratio.

A reliable system should allow the mill to be in operation for the maximum possible number of hours per year; even small problems, if unmonitored and consequently neglected, can lead to significant mechanical failures.

Efficiency and reliability can be guaranteed over time only through meticulous design and construction of the machinery followed by equally stringent regular maintenance.

Mindful of this, STM offers a programmed maintenance service, which provides:

  • Tele-assistance for the checking and optimization of operational parameters; resolution of malfunctions without direct intervention via GSM technology
  • 1 six-monthly visit for monitoring and checking the grinding and selection system installed.
  • 1 annual visit for replacement of worn parts


Training of Operators

The technology and know-how involved in the grinding and selection systems are difficult to transmit to the operations staff of the client firm.

Moreover it is essential to hand over the electronic and mechanical operation of the machinery to the final client, with the appropriate parameters for correct use, maintenance and performance management.

STM gives time and energy to the training of clients' operators in the running of the machinery, with regular updates.

For us it is important to train the staff who will be working with the plant, both for ordinary maintenance and for informed collaboration in case of malfunctions or guided procedures for the resolution of problems.

A trained employee becomes responsible for his own work as well as gaining expertise in the operation and monitoring of the machinery. In situ operators are often highly interested and involved in the installation of the plant; the machinery's integrated systems assist and guide the operator to identify the cause of problems and find the appropriate solution, and with training, an operator becomes skilled in the management of the plant.