Environment and depuration

Ambiente e Depurazione

STM's years of experience in the research and development of injection and reduction systems for various pollutants caused by industrial processes have enabled it to collaborate in improving the environmental outlook by meeting the most stringent regulatory criteria for gas emissions and industrial waste products.

In the field of dry grinding and depuration technology, we have developed and applied new systems for the reduction of pollutants, in collaboration with the technical departments of multinational companies.

Our machines, their applications and our standards of production, today represent a point of reference for reduction systems of pollution by acids, heavy metals, dioxins and furans, with meticulous ongoing research.

With its extensive experience in the sector, STM is able to evaluate and identify the most effective reduction system, both in terms of productive efficiency and running and maintenance costs.

A pollution reduction plant has a variable range of reagent injection; from the calculated nominal consumption, we supply all technical and system data necessary to ensure the plant's reliability, guaranteeing its continual operation for a minimum of 6000 hours non-stop.

Depending on the type of pollutant, its concentration in the gas flow, the expected budget and the line to be served, the company puts forward various solutions, from the optimum in terms of automation, to the most basic function.

Grinding plant reagent
BICARMILL® Informazioni Turnkey plant
COMPACT Informazioni Mill compact, simple and economical
JCFInformazioni Grinding mill suitable for installations in revamping
JCF-F Multi pipelineInformazioni Single machine up to 5 lines of injection
Dosing and Injection plant
MDS AC Informazioni MDS ACT
ATEX serie
Microdoser, reagent injection with compressed air
MDS P Informazioni MDS PT
ATEX serie
Microdoser, reagent injection with pump
MDD Informazioni MDD T
ATEX Serie
Microdoser double
MF Informazioni - Crusher mill
Combustion plants Type of equipment Recommended + Reagent Typically Used
Grinding plant reagent Dosing and injection
Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade Activated Carbon Products ready to use (lime, calcium carbonate, etc. ..) BSC - Sodium bicarbonate additivated activated carbon
Private activities, thermal combustion industrial waste
Coal fired power plants
Water purification
Foundries metal recovery
Thermal combustion plants in general, fuel oil and natural gas
MSW incinerators of municipal solid waste and hospital RSO
Treatment of hazardous waste