Sieve Mills Series MR

Construction specifications

Suitable for dry material of reduced hardness, for the production of final products with particle sizes from 0,1 to 10 mm.

Very often used for general purpose in the animal food industry, for example as a pre grinding mill prior to a second grinding by other means and methods.





Operational principle

The grinding is achieved by the material impact on the grinding tools, mounted to the grinding disc (fixed or oscillating), and the grinding track, which could be a sieve or partially a solid grinding track of special design.

The sieve acts like a classifier as it determines the particle size according to its hole diameter.

Consequently the final particle size depends on the sieve hole diameter and the number of revolution of the wheel.




Operational advantages

  • Simple design
  • Material feeding and unloading by gravitation
  • Available with a wide range of accessories and different grinding disc designs of various material suitable for virtually every purpose.


Generics machine data

Size Total Installed Power Total Absorbed Power Capacity per hour Diameter grid

Raw Material

Fineness* Noisiness
kW kW Range - Kg/h dBA
150 5,5 5,0 5 ÷100 2mm < 5mm Setaccio < 300μm < 85
500μm < 1mm d.98 < 100μm
300 29,5 26,6 10 ÷ 300 2mm < 5mm Setaccio < 300μm < 85
500μm < 1mm d.98 < 20μm
400 48,5 43,7 20 ÷ 500 2mm < 5mm Setaccio < 300μm < 85
500μm < 1mm d.98 < 20μm
600 105,0 94,5 50 ÷ 1.000 2mm < 5mm Setaccio < 300μm < 85
500μm < 1mm d.98 < 20μm

* Data refer the use of Sugar